Delaware Women’s Golf Association

Preserving & Expanding Women’s Golf in Delaware since 1962

Registration for all 2021 DWGA Tournaments begins on April 15th!


2021 Individual Memberships will be open beginning February 16, 2021 for renewing 2020 members and for new members. To prepare, make sure you have a USGA verified handicap at a DWGA member club.


Why join the DWGA? 


Your individual membership in the DWGA allows you to participate in our Open Days Program and compete in our sponsored tournaments.  Whether you are a casual or competitive golfer, playing on different courses at different levels is always fun.  Broaden your golfing circle of friends and explore the many courses in Delaware and nearby states.


To be eligible to join the DWGA, your home club must also be a current member.  We encourage each club to participate so their members may have an opportunity to take advantage of DWGA programs.  In addition, you must have a current USGA handicap.  If you or your club have not yet paid 2020 handicap dues, your membership cannot be activated.  For more information on checking your eligibility see the following short video.  

How to Join

You may join as an individual if your local club has joined.  As club memberships are received, the DWGA website club listing will be updated.  Once your club is listed, your individual membership can be submitted.  Please, check Club Directory listed under Membership.

Contact the DWGA Delegate at your home course for more information.


Individual dues for new members is $30.00 for 2021.  To be eligible to join, you must have a valid 2021 USGA handicap index and your home club must be a current member.  Please, check Handicap information under FAQs.

 New Club dues are $100.00 for 2021, renewing 2020 clubs are free.  In addition to the membership fee, each club must offer at least two open days for the 2021 season.

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