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2018 Membership renewal will begin on February 16th.  


These are some of the most frequently asked questions by our members.

Members Area

How do I get into the Members Area?
Once you have joined as a DWGA member, you will receive an email containing your password and instructions for logging into the Members Area of our website.

What do I do if I have not received an email containing my login password?
First check your email spam folder.  If there is nothing there, contact the DWGA Membership by using the Contact area on the HomePage.

What is in the Members Area?
The current DWGA By-Laws, financials, membership meeting minutes and photos are posted in the menu box along the left edge of the Members Home Page.

Tournament Registration is available here for members only.  A choice can be made to register online using your credit card or download a paper registration form for mail in.

The Members Directory, with complete contact information, aids in finding your new playing partner.

Other areas will be developed as the year progresses.

Open Days

What are Open Days?
Our member clubs offer play dates for DWGA members at a reduced fee.  The schedule of Open Days for 2017 can be found under our Programs listing.

How do I sign up for Open Days?
Call the member club in advance to get an available tee time.  Make sure to identify yourself as a DWGA member.

Do I need to have a DWGA membership card?
No, we have discontinued the use of DWGA membership cards.  Your DWGA membership can be verified by the Open Days host club by looking on our website, under Membership.

Pace Of Play

The single biggest complaint from DWGA members is the slow pace of play during a tournament.  Whether you are playing in a very serious tournament like the Women's Amateur or a fun event like Opening Day, pace of play can make or break the enjoyment of your outing.  If one player squanders just 30 seconds per hole, which isn't hard to do, that's an extra 9 minutes per round.  If everyone in the foursome does this, it is the difference between a 4-1/2 hour vs a 5 hour round.  

Everyone wants to have fun but finish "While We're Young".  Following are some tips for improving pace of play.

1. Play Ready Golf - There is no need to debate, particularly when you are in the fairway, who is furthest out.  The first person who is ready should hit.

2. Get ready to play - If you aren't hitting, get ready to play.  Know where and how far you want to hit the ball when it is your turn to swing.

3. Don't wait in the cart - Don't wait in the cart for your partner.  Drop her off, go to your ball and get ready to hit. If you have to leave the cart, that's fine, but take some clubs and start walking to your ball.  Nothing wastes more time than sitting in the cart and watching someone hit the ball.

4. Hit a provisional - When in doubt about the safety of your ball, declare and hit a provisional.

5. Time spent looking for a ball - Be aware of how much time you spend looking for balls in the woods.  Too many amateurs end up traipsing through the trees in search of a ball that will provide an unplayable lie even if found.  Don't be afraid to declare a ball lost.  Unfortunately, it's part of the game.

6. Scorecards - Fill out the scorecard on the next tee box, not beside the green where you just putted.

7. Avoid trips to the cart - Take every precaution to avoid walking back to the cart.  Keep an extra ball in your pocket, bring more than one club, particularly if you are chipping and have a variety of choices.  Golf is a thinking woman's game and using your head before you get to the ball will speed up play.

8.  Don't mark every putt - If you have a two-footer or something just outside the leather, go ahead and knock the ball in the hole.  You shouldn't rush, but conversely, there is no need to slave over every putt as if The Masters is at stake.

9. Range finders - Using distance finders is fine as long as you take some clubs with you.  Don't waste time shooting a distance and then walking back to the cart to get clubs.

10. Cell phones - Use of cell phones in a tournament is strictly prohibited.

Passwords and Log In

How do I log in for the first time?

If you have registered for your membership online using your credit card, you will receive an email confirming your registration along with a system generated password and instructions of how to log into the Members Area of the website.  If you have mailed a check with your membership application, you will receive the same confirmation email and information as soon as your eligibility requirements have been verified.

What if I didn't get an email confirmation?

Contact the Membership Chairman by using the Contact box found on our website.  An email will be resent.

How can I change my password?

When signing into the Members Area, select the link under the password entry box entitled "lost password?".  Follow the prompts from there.  To be secure, this password should meet the following criteria:
- Be at least 10 digits long
- Contain at least one capital letter
- Contain at least one number
- Contain at least one special character such as $, #, @

Event Registration

How do I register for a DWGA event?
You must be a DWGA member to be eligible to register for any DWGA event.  Log into the Members Area and look for the 2017 Event Registration link in the menu box along the left side.  Navigate to the event of interest and look for the Register Online button or the Download Mail In Registration Form if one is available.  Please note that not all events will offer mail in registration forms.

How can I register for a DWGA event if I am not old enough to join the DWGA?
If you are a junior golfer wishing to participate in a DWGA tournament, please request a tournament registration be sent to you from the Tournament Chairman.  This can be done by using the Contact form found on our HomePage.

How do I know if my registration has been accepted?
You will receive an email acknowledgement from the website as soon as your tournament registration has been entered.  In addition, a list of all registrants is updated with daily receipts and is posted on the event page near the Register Online button.

How do I cancel my tournament registration?
Please refer to Tournament Policies listed under Tournaments on our HomePage.  If your request is within the guidelines of our Refund Policy, send your request to "Tournaments" in our Contact area.

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